Emergency Management Document Manager Tutorial

To use the Emergency Management Document manager, point your browser to  http://OPSSOP/

Log in using your AV number and password provided to you.

 a: Using this menu, you can add new files to the Doc Manager

 b: You can find specific documents by searching the comments field.

 c: Navigate through the list using the "Next" button.

 d: You can narrow your search by choosing a date range using the calendar links. The date refers to the day the document was added to the database.

 e: Change the page size to view more doucments on the screen at a time.

 f: To view the document, Click the view button.


In the "Emergency Management" Menu you can add documents.

When you add a document, you must provide a description, filename and File. Click "Browse..." to choose the file you wish to upload. Click the "Upload" button to upload a file. Be sure to only click the "Upload" button once or the file will be uploaded multiple times.